Turnover & HR Metrics Survey

This survey, conducted annually, reports information regarding employee turnover, absenteeism rates and control measures, layoffs, cost-per-hire, training, and HR staffing ratios.

Survey Features

Data Collected
  • Average voluntary and involuntary turnover rates for current and past years
  • Organization practices for controlling turnover
  • Actual and anticipated hiring practices
  • Average cost per hire
  • Average time to fill periods for internal and external candidates
  • Average absenteeism ratings by employee group
  • Average HR Staffing Ratios and Training Costs
Data Comparison Survey cuts based on organization size, geography, revenue, technical vs. non-technical, and by industry
Data Format Available for download in PDF format. Sample Page
Participants Over 150 participants in the New England area, representing data for over 189,000 employees
Survey Schedule

Please note that dates are subject to change

Survey Questionnaire Distributed: July
Participation Deadline: August
Survey Distribution: October

Other Survey Features
  • Survey results at no cost to participating TSG members
  • 100% Employer-Reported Data
  • Includes trend data for past 5 years