Areas of Expertise

Full Service Human Resources Consulting

Our seasoned Human Resources Consultants have extensive experience and offer a wide range of human resources services from Total Rewards to Talent Management to both member and non-member organizations of all sizes. For organizations with non-existing or limited HR resources, we are able to manage and carry out all phases of a project's work and act as your HR department. Other organizations may have sufficient internal resources, but lack the necessary expertise for a particular business initiative. We assist clients in whatever capacity best meets their needs and can do so on a project, hourly or retainer basis. We work closely with an organization's internal team to understand the business and make certain the work reflects each organization's business objectives and unique culture.

Total Rewards

  • Compensation and Benefits Planning and Design

    Our consultants can help you design a comprehensive and competitive compensation and/or benefits program that aligns with your organization's business goals and provides flexibility to change. Compensation programs can include creating comprehensive job descriptions, base pay/salary structure design, and developing variable (bonuses and incentive pay) and long-term incentive compensation that is externally competitive, internally equitable, sustainable, affordable and legally defensible. In addition, our experts can help you design a benefits strategy and program that is affordable and will attract and retain your employees at all levels.

  • Executive Compensation

    Let our consultants ensure that your executive compensation strategy is positioned competitively and is consistent with your organization's business plan. Our unbiased and objective analysis can help you make informed decisions regarding base pay salaries, short and long-term incentives, benefits and perquisites resulting in your ability to attract and retain your key leadership.

  • Compensation and Benefits Benchmarking

    We provide expert technical and analytical services to help ensure that your compensation programs and practices are competitive. We can also analyze your organization's benefit programs including medical, dental, paid time off, retirement and insurance plans against a group of your competitors and provide a clear picture of how your benefits compare to organizations of similar size, industry and geographic location. Once the benchmarking is complete, we will make recommendations for program modifications.

  • Custom Compensation and Benefits Surveys

    We design and conduct custom pay and benefit surveys for clients that need targeted information about their pay and benefits programs in order to better understand competitive market conditions and pay practices in their specific industry, geographic area or competitor pool.

  • Compensation Administration and Internal Communication

    We can help you draft and design compensation policies, procedures and communication tools that provide clear direction for your management team to make salary decisions and provide employees with clear, timely and consistent communication to enable better understanding of the organization's compensation and benefits plans and programs.

Talent Management

  • Talent Acquisition

    Finding qualified candidates is no longer done just on job boards. With limited resources and turnover a real concern, an effective talent acquisition process is vital to the success of your business. We can assist you in developing a talent acquisition strategy including identifying the right programs, tools, technology and selection process for your organization that will streamline your ability to attract and retain high performing talent.

  • Onboarding

    Onboarding is a vital people process that has a direct impact on how quickly your new hires become engaged in their work. Engagement drives performance and if you have an effective onboarding process, your newly hired employees are likely to have less anxiety, role ambiguity and a higher organizational commitment, leading to better job performance and reduced turnover. We can help you develop an onboarding strategy that will work for your organization and ensure immediate success.

  • Performance Management

    A performance management process is a proactive system of managing employee performance for the purpose of driving individuals and the organization towards desired performance and results. We develop performance planning, measurement and appraisal systems that will create a harmonious alignment between individual and organizational objectives for accomplishment of excellence in performance.

  • Succession Planning

    It's easy to put off planning when things are going well. But are you prepared with a workforce strategy in the event of an unexpected exit, unforeseen business opportunity or planned growth? Succession planning is an essential part of doing business. We can assist you in developing and implementing an effective and proactive succession plan based on your organization's current and future needs.

  • Employee Engagement

    There is a correlation between highly engaged employees and highly successful business performance. We can help you design a customized engagement program that will incorporate tools and techniques to measure happiness, alignment, and job satisfaction in real time. These tools and techniques could include pulse or satisfaction surveys, group discussions, analytics that correlate retention and performance to work factors, and day to day action planning resulting in improved engagement and performance.

  • Employee Relations

    If you want to make good people decisions that increase morale, enhance productivity and potentially lower exposure to costly legal actions, we can help you. Chances are you may be dealing with managing a difficult employee or facing a sexual harassment or employment discrimination complaint. Our experienced consultants can provide you with critical analysis and resolution on employee issues and conflict by pulling the complex pieces together, evaluating risk, coaching managers and providing well thought-through recommendations leading to a more sustainable and positive workplace culture.

Legal and Regulatory

  • Fair Labor Standards (FLSA)

    Our TSG Consultants have the experience and knowledge to interpret FLSA regulations to protect your company and ensure you are in compliance. We can assist you in evaluating the exemption classification of your positions and ensure that your policies and practices are in compliance with the laws and regulations. We can also help you interview and conduct FLSA audits and develop communications for explaining the law to managers and employees.

  • Policy Review and Development

    We can evaluate your current Human Resource policies and procedures for compliance with ever changing laws and regulations and assist you in carefully drafting policy manuals/employee handbooks with standardized policies and procedures to save the company countless hours of management time enabling your organization to be a better run entity.

  • EEO/Affirmative Action

    We will help you evaluate your current practices and develop an affirmative action plan to include policies, practices, and procedures which comply with applicable laws and regulations and ensure that all qualified applicants and employees are receiving an equal opportunity for recruitment, selection, advancement, and all other terms and privileges associated with employment.