About TSG

The Survey Group is your one source for compensation and benefits data, human resources information, and consulting services.

Our mission is to provide reliable and high-quality compensation, benefits and human resources information to members and clients. Our goal is to have a completely satisfied customer for each product and service that we deliver.

For over five decades we have provided human resources consulting services to over 1,000 member and non-member organizations across the nation.

Our members consistently join our organization through referrals from other members and consulting clients.

Members and consulting clients represent a wide variety of industries and nonprofit organizations of all sizes.

We deliver results at reasonable fees. We bring the highest level of expertise and experience to each assignment. Our fees are typically more reasonable than those charged by national consulting firms.

Our compensation and benefits surveys provide the most comprehensive data available in New England.

Our library of surveys, reports, textbooks and other publications provide the foundation that human resources professionals need to manage their departments, identify industry trends and keep their operations competitive.