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Organizations with 70 to 100 employees may choose either Full Membership or Associate Membership based on their needs.

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Upon receipt of your membership application, TSG will send you an invoice by email. To pay by credit card (AMEX, Visa, MasterCard), call Paula DeSisto at 781-345-7515.

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Membership Terms

Membership terms are outlined below:

  • Member privileges apply only to the division of the organization that pays for the membership.
  • Up to four designated HR staff members who support that division/location may use the TSG Library and Member Service HR Hotline. Organizations that would like to enroll additional staff or locations should contact TSG to discuss special arrangements.
  • TSG considers a staff member to be a regular employee of the member organization. If you are using a contract consultant and would like privileges extended to that person for a specific project, please contact TSG to discuss special arrangements.
  • Because some requests go beyond the scope of the Hotline service, TSG also offers research services to members on a fee basis. If your request exceeds four job titles in a given month, we may suggest that you use this fee service or that you or a designated staff member visit the TSG library to conduct the research.
  • Copyright law prohibits TSG from sending members copies of pages from copyrighted materials.
  • TSG reserves the right to deny privileges to any consulting organization or person who is a competitor of The Survey Group.
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